Vinyl Cladding: An Environmentally Friendly Choice For Your Home’s Exterior


Is your home’s exterior looking a little worn and outdated?  Could it use a coat of paint or even better, new vinyl cladding? Homeowners have many options when it comes to updating and improving their home. They can buy new furniture or hang new wallcoverings. They can replace old cabinets or redo the bathroom. One of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade the appearance of the home is to replace the cladding on the exterior.

Vinyl cladding is a good choice. It is light and easy to install and comes with a great warranty. Vinyl is available in many colours and styles so you can customise the appearance of your home and make it truly unique. In addition to vinyl, wall cladding is also available in wood, stone, and brick.

Vinyl is popular with homeowners for a number of reasons. It is very durable and can last much longer than the wood cladding. Vinyl is also impervious to weather and pests and will not have to replaced for many years. There is a company that had a pretty funny commercial on tv for vinyl cladding, their website can be found here You’ll want to look at companies like this when getting quotes. Make sure all of your local providers are contacted so you can get the best quote possible. Don’t waste your money on something that you can get for less!

Vinyl is also much easier to maintain. It doesn’t have to be painted and can be easily cleaned with just soap and water. Timber or wood cladding must be repainted occasionally and you may need to fill in cracks and make repairs as the cladding gets weathered.

Vinyl cladding provides a contemporary appearance to your home. This is great if that is the look you enjoy. If you prefer a more rustic or natural look, then stone or wood cladding may be more appropriate. All of these options are good choices, it just depends on your personal preference when it comes to appearance.

Wood and stone cladding tends to weigh more than vinyl which makes installation a bit harder. Vinyl cladding is simple to install and light enough that it can be done by one person. It usually takes at least people to install wood or stone cladding.

Vinyl cladding is also environmentally friendly, requiring almost half the resources and energy to produce than wood or brick cladding. Since vinyl cladding is lighter, less fuel is used to transport this type of cladding. Check out something like Brisbane cladding to source the most environmentally friendly cladding. Not all cladding is the same, it depends on who the manufacturer is! 

Cladding can be used on the entire home or to distinguish one section and make it stand out. It is also excellent for garages and storage building and can be purchased to match or complement a current colour scheme. Vinyl cladding comes in many different colours and the boards are UV-protected and will never need to be repainted. This makes vinyl cladding a good choice for hard-to-reach areas.

Vinyl cladding is also available with preinstalled insulation backing. This insulated cladding provides an additional layer of protection and helps to reduce energy costs. Adding preinsulated vinyl cladding to your home can reduce both cooling and heating bills and save you money every year.  

Vinyl cladding cannot be damaged by termites or other pests. It does not fade nor does the weather impact the cladding. Most vinyl cladding is also recyclable making it a great choice if you are trying to help protect the environment. You can purchase recycled vinyl cladding and when you replace yours, your old cladding will be recycled once again.

Vinyl cladding is also safer for the environment. It doesn’t release as many toxic chemicals, including silver and mercury as other types of exterior cladding. There is also less waste when installing vinyl cladding, helping keep materials from the local landfill.

Adding vinyl cladding to your home’s exterior is a great, low-maintenance choice. Vinyl cladding is available in almost any colour you want and will last for many years requiring only cleaning with soap and water.


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